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172x152x38mm AC COOLING FAN
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Frame :PBT glass fiber alloy or Aluminum die-casting
Impeller :PBT glass fiber alloy or Metal Type
Bearing :Ball Bearing system

Sleeve Bearing system
Motor :Brushless / Induction DC & AC MOTOR
Connection :Lead wire or Terminal type
Protection :Impedance or Polarity protection
Operating Temperature :Ball Bearing : - 40 ~ + 70 degrees

Sleeve Bearing : -20 ~ +70 degrees
Insulation :above 100M Ohm,DC500V

AC1500V / 1 min
Life Expectancy :Ball Bearing : over 40,000 HR,( at +40 degrees)

Sleeve Bearing : over 25,000 HR,( at +40 degrees)
Operating Voltage :110/220V ranged voltage from 85V TO 125V

220/230V ranged voltage from 190V TO 245V
Safety Approval :UL CUL TUV CE


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